How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

jaaxyThe real question is…how much will it cost you NOT to use Jaaxy? Without a doubt, when compared to other lessor quality search tools, Jaaxy is a bargain at $19./month. In fact, if you compare this to every other keyword tool, Jaaxy is quite a steal! If Jaaxy is indeed better and more accurate than the rest, ask yourself how much time, effort and guesswork you are prepared to invest and still not come up with a winner?

I have reason to believe that this is an introductory price, but the developers say that this IS the price it will be, at least for the foreseeable future. At the time I write this, it has just been launched. I have been testing and using he beta version and have managed to uncover many gems, long-tail-keywords, that have sufficient traffic AND low competition. All within minutes and with only a few clicks.

This is the real strength of Jaaxy: To uncover passed over keyword phrases that are often overlooked because, for one reason or another, appear to lack the right level of desirability. Yet, because of low levels of competition, they are quite easily able to be ranked on page #1 of Google. If you can get top ranking, then you should be able to get traffic on niche specific keywords. It follows that if your offer is sound and benefits made clear, sales will follow.

Consider that the free Keyword External Tool provided by Google is quite good at giving you a good overview of search volume and history, how much better would using that information to be able to cross reference actual quoted page results (QSR) as well as a competitive analysis for expected traffic results if page #1 Google rank was achieved.

Jaaxy IS everything it claims to be: Accurate Google statistics cross-referenced with the competitions actual search engine page results (SERPS). The result of this is then awarded an SEO power, a value, which, in some cases can approach 100 – the higher the better. This means that the amount effort to achieve top rankings is significantly lower than terms with lower SEO power. Knowing this can make all the difference between a winning or losing campaign.

What is that worth? Why not try Jaaxy out and see for yourself?


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