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Find Low Competition Keyword Gems

Find the “hottest” keywords available and are hyper targeted to your search, keywords that have very little competition. Low competition and highly targeted keywords can mean the difference in any successful campaign!


Find Profitable & Valuable Domains

Jaaxy allows you to find keyword rich and unbelievably SEO friendly domain names. You can instantly see which top level domains are available right within Jaaxy! You can then buy them and then continue your search to dominate your niche!


Competition Search & Website Analysis

Reverse engineer the most optimized sites and see exactly what they are doing to get the #1 rankings. In seconds, you can quickly do a full analysis of the Top 10 ranking sites. At a glance, see how easy it will be to dominate the SERPS!


Find The Best Affiliate Programs

Looking for the most profitable affiliate programs? Jaaxy finds the best affiliate programs from FIVE of the largest affiliate networks online and allows you to quickly register for the affiliate program. Find the perfect niche, then find the perfect product!

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